Buccs Ship Run Aground

Bournemouth Castle Cover Wessex Marine Buccaneers ran aground on the Isle of Wight on Tuesday night, incurring the biggest defeat in their short history, going down by 32-60 and having both the Baseby brothers withdrawing from the meeting with injuries.
speed2Mark Baseby was the first of the siblings to pull out of the meeting, damaging his wrist in a heat 6 fall by which time the Buccaneers were alreaday facing a 10 point deficit and had seen just two extra points from their first tactical ride. That was through a second place by James Brundle comprehensively beaten by maximum man, former Buccaneer Danny Warwick.
Then Aaron Baseby joined the ever growing list of retirees after being a victim of a challenging move from Brendan Johnson in heat 9. Johnson was disqualified from the re-run but promptly joined Tom Hill on the sick list and although Aaron Baseby managed to limp round for a point in the re-start his night was over as he was struggling with a thigh injury.
The powerful Islanders though – claiming 9 maximum heat scores across the night – were always in control and the lack of league points from the Dorset side could prove costly in the final reckonings for the play-offs. Scorers: Isle of Wight D.Warwick 15, D.Felton 13+6, B.Hopwood 13+1, N.Simmons 7+1, L.Smethills 7+1, T.Hill 3, B.Johnson 2+1
Bournemouth K.Howarth 7+1, J.Brundle 7, K.Mason 7, J.Resch 5+1, A.Baseby 4+1, D.Halsey 2+1, M.Baseby 0