Isle of Man TT – Most Dangerous Event

Motorbike speed race

This race gets its name from the Isle of Man which is a tiny island that lies between Great Britain and Ireland. Most of the year, it is a pretty quiet place. Come spring, the air fills with excitement as racers show up to try their luck in the high-velocity race that ensues owing to the lack of speed limits in the region. Tens of thousands show up annually to watch this highly anticipated event.

The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy has earned the title of the most dangerous motorcycle racing event, and it is not for naught. Ever since the competition began more than one hundred years ago, there have been 140 deaths. In 2017, three racers died while participating in the tournament.

As racers driving at speeds averaging 200mph navigate the hundreds of turns in the track, it is quite easy for them to go off-road and plunge to their death, sometimes taking the spectators with them. The total lives lost as a result of the race total 250 once the sum includes that of people watching the event. Most of the people who have participated in the competition and lived to tell their story cannot believe their luck on looking back. For the brave souls who live for the thrill though, the Isle of Man is the place to be each year. The best of luck to all racers!