No Buccs Glory In Pairs

 Ignition problems for James Brundle whilst on parade cost him an appearance in the opening heat, won by his partner Kyle Howarth but left the Buccaneers conceding points to Dudley. Although Brundle was able to sort out his bike problems in time for Bournemouth’s second appearance, winning it in style, Howarth struggled against the Isle of Wight pair of Nick Simmons and Danny Warwick, and again conceded a 4-5.
against the eventual champions, Plymouth, the Buccaneers conceded a 7-2 with Brundle failing to finish and Howarth trailing winner Nicki Glanz and experienced Mark Simmonds and whilst that result kept the Devils in-line for a final appearance it meant that Bournemouth’s chances of winning the group was well beyond them.
They finished, however, strongly with a 7-2 of their own against Newport (winners last season) after Tony Atkin had fallen at the first attempt to get heat 17 underway. Bournemouth’s 17 point total left them third in Group A.

left to right may (team boss) sarjeant,brundle A-baseby (cpt)on bike M-baseby, howarth, vatcher (team boss) front, kneeling hart and stoneman.

In the other section it was King’s Lynn who came out on top with Simon Lambert unbeaten in his heats and Adam Lowe bagging one second place and two thirds as they headed the group and earned the right to meet Plymouth in the all-deciding final
That final was pretty much one way traffic as Lambert was kept at bay on the opening lap cleverly by Simmonds as Glanz sped away.
Result: Final: Plymouth 7 (N.Glanz 4 M.Simmonds 3′) King’s Lynn 2 (S.Lambert 2, A.Lowe 0)
Group A: Plymouth 24 (N.Glanz 14, M.Simmonds 10+2); Newport 19 (T.Kurtz 13, T.Atkin 6+1); Bournemouth 17 (K.Howarth 9+1, J.Brundle 8); Dudley 16 (J.Anderson 11+1, M.Dyer 5); Isle of Wight 14 (N.Simmons 9, D.Warwick 5+1)
Group B: King’s Lynn 23 (S.Lambert 16, A.Lowe 7); Buxton 21 (A.Allott 15, R.Branford 6+2); Weymouth 20 (J.Cockle 12+1, B.Bekker 8+1); Scunthorpe 17 (S.Worrall 10, A.Birks 7+1); Rye House 9 (J.Jacobs 6, S.Hazelden 3)